And so I begin Again… With a Smile :)

Ok As I begin to write again I caution any reader to please not correct my misspelled words as usually i do it on purpose.
Yes it may be lazy but it’s been my trademark of sort & not being a good typist or remembering what symbol to use where, like/as in~~>… , : – ‘…etc.. it allows me the freedom to write as I please :)) Just humor me kk?
I also am not very techy/savy in knowing how to get pic. uploaded etc here. But… I am gonna try my best @ just expressing myself a lil’. 😉
Now it’s time to rest a bit so I’ll check in L8r my friends.
Much Love…. ❤


Time to re-acquaint U w/my life here lol

Hello friends

Hey, it’s now May 2012… I’m still struggeling bad w/my fibromyalgia but I’m swimming every other day & trying to eat healthy(dang late night snacker still) but if it’s still in my calorie range i’m good. Getting back into life even if it hurts. Just checking in & saying Hi to everyone that might wonder where i am :))

We have 1 wedding(so far) in our fam this summer wOOt! My oldest Josh(who graduates june 18th from UofO) is marrying Cammy on July 14th & that’s way cool. She lived w/us this last year & just found a place & we moved her in yesterday! So today i actually feel like an empty nester lol It feels Gr8 lol

Middle son Benjamin graduated NNU in Idaho last wknd & I’m still recovering from that long drive & crazy fun wknd! Met his (Tara)girlfriends Mom, Robin & some of her family & Finally met Cammys parents(Julie & Tim) too while there.

k so now that i’ve updated a lil’ I wish u a peacefilled, joyful & blessed day. :)) (now if i can only remember my password to get here again.

Much Love & blessings……Dawn


almost a year L8r?

Hi folks. Yah I could Not get on here for the longest time & my mac wont update a new foxfire version, so it is what it is right. I wanna start writing again. My own thoughts & don’t know if i can figure it all out (responding to your comments etc) again but son’s will be home for Thanksgiving break so they’re bound to help me lol So, let’s see if this will load & I’ll write more after :)x


Seriously, if you Are checking my blog out, I rarely write. Tons on my mind, just not a typest so it kinda hinders coming & writing Anything.

I do hope your Christmas time is blessed not harried(however that’s spelled HA)

I spend my computer time these days blipping tunage on & blip a lota 60, 70 & early 80’s music. I’ve recently been hooked on a stupid mindless computer game = Bubble game. Never played C games so wish I’d never even tried it.. That’s my addictive personality.

Dave gave me an early present… A Wiiiiii & I’m trying to use it daily cept I always go overboard on beating my last hula hoop time/ammount & keep throwin’ my back out… Duh…

Ok that’s my update. Boys are all home from college so gotta use my computer time wisely! Ha, yah right

Be safe & love your neighbor as yourself..

xo Dawnie

whoa, time flies :)

ok, just checking in here. It’s been 2 months since I wrote last. Can you tell I don’t like writing much? Mostly cuz I’m a crappy typer & it takes forever. I hope to write more often kk? I’m out to cook dinner & watch my fave show the biggest loser… Oh & finale of big brother 11. The last 3 peeps are boooring lol

hope you are well & have hpe. Keep smiling thru it all xo….dawnie

another Great day in the life, I guess lol

Survived another clean eating 2xday.(3 down, 59 to go) Phew, Ended up around 1350 calories, coola. I walked Luke 2 mi this am & got my PPT(strength) in this afternoon in the garage, which was quite cool compared to the almost 100 degrees out today.

My back’s a bit too sore to sit in this darn chair & type tho. Dang I miss being able to lay sideways on the couch w/internet. Gonna have to get wireless REALLY soon. Cuz I can’t sit long as it affects my back.

I wasn’t online a whole lot today & that’s good just in the way that I’m trying not to be overly addicted to it the last week, So hard to spread it out ya know. I could & have been on it for endless hours & I’m not talking work LOL

ok, tomorri is 59 days till I’m 50 & I’m excited to be focused on my adventure again. Crap I wanna talk about soo much but I’m out!

Peace & blessings……Dawnie xo

61 days til I’m 50

Hey, just wanted to check in. Dave’s putting my workout rm(& his occasional office) together so I just have a sec & I’m typing standing up. UGH lol oh yah, computer is in exercise rm.

So today was great. Didn’t get my desired 2xday workout but I’m bein a lil careful. I’m REALLY sore from yesterday so I don’t wanna throw my back out or something. Heck, I’m just stinking sore, but a great sore, added to my fibro it’s a nice change HA

I got 1.5 mile walk in this morning & worked on a puzzle out in the sun. Nice day.

K Standing typing is killin me so I’m out.

Ate way clean & around 1270 cal (some cott cheese & going for another apple cuz normaley I’d be grabbing chips etc.)

Going in to watch BB11 now, so catcha Wed. Prqyin I sleep better tonight (gonna hit the hay as soon as I finish watching the show.

take care…blessings…Dawnie