Starting a Fit @ 50 challenge : )

Ok well, I’m Fianaly serious again(You know, serious about being in great shape again, eating healthy. THAT kinda serious LOL)

It’s been a tough few months but I’m determined to get back on track & thus, started today as it’s only 62 days till I’m 50 yrs old. UGH, Yet Yay.

Walking every morning & doing push/pull training (PPT) as talked about in Dr Huizenga’s book “Where’d all the fat go”. Dr H is the dr that’s been with Biggest Loser from the beginning. (I’m starting agian w/sorta his basic walk every am Strength train every other night & I’ll do dvds, yoga etc on Tues/Thurs w/fun fam activities on Sat & active rest day Sunday.

Anyway I have tweaked the strength exercise,s but it’s great & worked well the first 6 months I did it.

My own version that is lol. I started doing my get fit again(3rd time in 13 yrs is not healthy, but it’s the last time as I wont ever quit from here xo) quest a yr ago April & lost 60 lbs as of Feb, March. But I’d been not fervent since Thanksgiving as getting thron off w/all the Holidays plus my fibromyalgia wa really rearing it’s ugly head & working out as hard as I was, was actually the worst thing for me as I had nothing left to give anyone Plus my body ached incredibly.

I finally caved into all the pain in the last 3 months & of course not eating great followed.

Gained 15 lbs back & That’s it.Started @ 261, now starting again @ 215(I think )

oh & I bought a new scale lol finally my old BLL buds would say xo

So starts today. Focusing on my health & mental well being is real effort. Thus my lack of being on the computer today.

I hate typing but love talking lol Plus the chair I have to sit in now is comfy but kills my back. At the old house I laid sideways on a couch & typed & that’s my best position for the least body pain.

Anyway, I ate real clean today but had fun meals. I’ll get this journal/blog a lil less cluttered & get on my BLL PAGE AGAIN. I miss my old workouts buds over on Biggest Loser Leauge & look forward to the incredible support I got.

I’ve made new fitness buds on Twitter also but they don’t even know the Animal I can be & all that side of me lol

I hope if you’ve red this far you will take encouragement that you can decide at any moment, going thru anything & having chronic pain that it is truly possible & the best thing for you & those around you to get active again & care about yourself & what path your going down.

K So day 1 down, walked 2 miles w/Luke this a.m. & did 1 set of 12 reps of 15 diff exercises that go from head to toe making it a full body workout. Depending on how I am Sunday I will do a 2nd set, but I really am gonna be careful as I couldve done 3 sets today of each & be wiped. I know my bod. I know when to increase weights etc, but this dang chronic pain is a Pain lol but I’m determined to pace myself w/pushing a lil & adding weight & it’ll all work out in the end & Lord willin I’ll work my END off lol…I’ll get a pic up this wk hopefully. If I can figure how to get one on this blog. 🙂

Love & blessings….Dawnie xo


I know i’ve been awol

ok I know Ive been absent from writing, Just wanted to say i’ll try & pull some thoughts together tomorri kk?

xo dawnie

about the LOVE spice

I dug out from a packed box a spice I just love but havnt used ‘in my kitchen’ for a while. I actualy used to grab it off the shelf & literally shake it onto whatever I was making as if the actual spice of LOVE was being sprinkled into it LOL

K enough said, here;s the Actual words on each side & back of the the sweet, white spice box in red lettering:


Spice for Living

Net WT. Immeasurable

Ingredients: Faithfulness, Gentleness, Goodness, Joy, Kindness, Patience, Peace, Perseverance, Protection, Trust, Truthfulness, & Unselfishness.

>isn’t that cool?<

The Back says:



For many years a man watched his wife take a locked box down from the cupboard. She would unlock the box, take a pinch, sprinkle it over whatever she was cooking, re-lock the box & return it to it’s place.

One day, while his wife was away, his curiosity got the best of him. He went to the cupboard, took the box down & opened it. To his surprise it was empty! He turned it over & on the bottom was written “LOVE”.

Don’t keep your “LOVE” locked up in a cupboard. Keep it within easy reach & use it generously.


Though not in your recipe book, Into everything that you cook, Put a big pinch of “LOVE”.


Ok, so yes it’s really simple but there’s something really simple, cool & very sweet about it.

that’s all for now, just wanted to share it. I think @MisterNoodle for letting me read into one of his posts & expound on it LOL…

I love that about Twitter. We (@ least I) can just jump into any conversation & inject ourselves. LOL.. maybe some think that’s rude but’s Twitter.

xo …Dawnie

Thurs already?

Wow Thurs.

Past the dreaded June 3rd tho,  yes….

I don’t know why I don’t come here more to put thoughts into words. I’m enjoying reading alota stuff on twitter & then the time has ticked away.

Not that i have much else to do.

OK I didn’t mention the dreaded June 3rd anywhere yesterday(1/2 afraid I’d get alota bank/lender spam followers lol) but yesterday June 9th Our house was officially foreclosed on. At least I guess it was, we didn’t get a sheriff @ the door or anything …YET.. Kinda freaky feeling but we are staying until the house we are gonna rent becomes available June 15th.

Here;s what happened in a nutshell

*4,5 & 6 yrs ago Realtor biz was thriving beyond my wildest dreams (but I wasn’t taking care of myself)

*3 yrs ago I put license on hold due to multiple illness’s. Gaining a ton of weight didn’t help)Had to take out a line of credit on our home to pay $50,000+ taxes I hadn’t put away from previous yrs wealth.

*Last Aug we finally had to regroup & couldn’t cont paying $3000 mortgage,= taking a lil outa line of credit(home equity) every month adds up

*Last 4 months GMAC kept putting off foreclosure saying we were in the group of peeps to restructure mortgages from Pres O’s newly signed programs. We’re like, hmm, ok, We’ll see.

*A few wks ago after making a huge payment to the bank, they said, NAH, not gonna happen, Sorry! So, we said Fine, it’s just a house, suck it up, yes it’s embarrassing, sad, yes we are leaving an obligation & renting (1rst time in 20 yrs). OK

And so that’s it in a nutshell

Great news is I am on the rd to recovery. Still struggle w/alota health issues but I’ve lost 50 lbs, give or take a few cuz my scales gone, but getting new one soon lolOK, phew, got that off my chest.

Dave’s appraisal biz is thriving & a $1325 payment is soooo doable for us. I HAVE to be excited for our future.  Just feel a bit guilty for helping get us in a bad spot but at least we don’t have credit card debt on top of that. I REALLY love to shop though & look forward to being able to do that, some, again HA

Off to post this so I can read more twitter

xo Dawnie

Trainer Bob Harpers challenge for this weekend

Bob Harper Weekend Challenge!! 50 Push Ups, 50 Sit Ups, 50 Bicep Curls, 50 Tricep Dips and 50 minutes of ANY cardio. Do this routine for 3 DAYS IN A ROW!! I want you to stay active ALL WEEKEND!!! xoxo

I’ll start Sat since I just went to my face-book & saw this.

Gonna get a few miles walking/jogging in too.

I got sooo many compliments @ baccalaureate this evening that I HAVE to kick it up a notch, follow thru & rock the rest of this weight off.

Here’s to a great wknd..cheers, uh prolly no beer either cuz , WELL just

I’m back in the saddle again

Funny I think I say that every day.Today I actually found the old Aerosmith song on blipfm(visit me there) & well, it lit a fire.

Some of us need DO need to say that daily. Reminding ourselves it’s a new day, the slate’s wiped clean.

I can make this day & my life into what ever I choose today.

Today I want to leave my thumbprint on someones life, Not just my own.

Tonight’s baccalaureate & I think we downplay the impact our words might have on a Sr just leaving highschool.

So, I will think on that this afternoon, as in who & what I should say to…

I really like twitter this week. I’m coming out of my shell here & there & enjoying responding to new followers & older ones I’ve never talked with.

I was found this morning by an old on-line friend from the Biggest loser League so I went back to check in there. I do miss the encouragement & friends i HAD there so I’ll plug back in.

Ok I’m outa here for now. Just needed to update the old blog as I’m pretty bad about spending even 5 min writing.

I love life today & am DETERMINED to get my Bum OFF the couch here & get some exercise in. I love the endorphins & I love the accomplished feeling I have afterwards.

i MUST remember that although I’m down from 261 lbs to somewhere hovering over 200-208(threw my broken scale across garage last week HA) that I have a long ways to go, yet not far… And that @ 5’9.5 I’m gonna be happy w/anything under 190 so it’s not sooo far off that I can’t picture my hotty self. right? Right… rambling..tom & headachy but gonna thrive anyway


inconsistant, but a new slate everyday!

You know,
I know this is & has been, a lifestyle change & I’m living it for the most part. But Still, I don’t understand how I can lose my vision for days & sometimes a lil’ longer, only to jump back in, feet first, full throttle! lol Guess that’s just me(& a good trait, but I weary of not having that constant).
I try & eat 5-6 times throughout the day, Drink about 4 Qts of water and get exercise in.
Then all of a sudden I’ve given into the fact that I’m constantly tired & I have not 1 desire to put that dvd in or go outside & walk, even tho the sun is out & it’s beautiful!

I have learned to eat a lil less maybe on days I’m sluggish & that’s still prolly around 1200 calories, But I usually have calories up around 1400 give or take a few.

It’s the things that block my focus, the triggers that slow me down that make me curious. 1. Computer 2. Tv = addictive..

I know all the tricks, the hoops, exercises to do(cardio, yoga & strength training etc) the excellent eating via beautiful yummy clean food/meals… It’s the drive, the passion, the direction I so easily veer away from.
Now I know a lot of us may struggle with this, but I think it’s pretty important to daily keep trying to do better, forgive yesterdays actions(or non-actions) to start fresh w/a clean slate. Giving yourself room to have ‘hiccups'(hate the word
We are not perfect, tho some people think they’re…

This flows into all areas of our lives. For some it’s discipline in their eating habits, others it’s exercise or work, housecleaning etc…
I tackle this hour by hour, day to day. Knowing I will eventually succeed. I may not get to my goal as quick as I could, but know this..I will defo be getting there.
A bit off topic..
Weigh-in looms tomorri..i defo have not had my full focus on it this last week so we shall see. Either way I am determined to keep growing as a person, as a woman who is re-connecting in life (as lonely as twitter can be, it is also an exciting place to learn & I am defo not about #’s lol)
I’m gonna try to write my thoughts more. I have sooo many that it’s overwhelming & I write nothing.
So maybe if I’m more consistant in the small things I will get better’ quicker @ tackling the bigger ones.
I’d Love to be on top of my game again.. I mean “I am on top of my game again” lol How’s that for positive?
Sure glad I have a husband & boys that love me so & are patient & kind with my inconsistancies.