Starting a Fit @ 50 challenge : )

Ok well, I’m Fianaly serious again(You know, serious about being in great shape again, eating healthy. THAT kinda serious LOL)

It’s been a tough few months but I’m determined to get back on track & thus, started today as it’s only 62 days till I’m 50 yrs old. UGH, Yet Yay.

Walking every morning & doing push/pull training (PPT) as talked about in Dr Huizenga’s book “Where’d all the fat go”. Dr H is the dr that’s been with Biggest Loser from the beginning. (I’m starting agian w/sorta his basic walk every am Strength train every other night & I’ll do dvds, yoga etc on Tues/Thurs w/fun fam activities on Sat & active rest day Sunday.

Anyway I have tweaked the strength exercise,s but it’s great & worked well the first 6 months I did it.

My own version that is lol. I started doing my get fit again(3rd time in 13 yrs is not healthy, but it’s the last time as I wont ever quit from here xo) quest a yr ago April & lost 60 lbs as of Feb, March. But I’d been not fervent since Thanksgiving as getting thron off w/all the Holidays plus my fibromyalgia wa really rearing it’s ugly head & working out as hard as I was, was actually the worst thing for me as I had nothing left to give anyone Plus my body ached incredibly.

I finally caved into all the pain in the last 3 months & of course not eating great followed.

Gained 15 lbs back & That’s it.Started @ 261, now starting again @ 215(I think )

oh & I bought a new scale lol finally my old BLL buds would say xo

So starts today. Focusing on my health & mental well being is real effort. Thus my lack of being on the computer today.

I hate typing but love talking lol Plus the chair I have to sit in now is comfy but kills my back. At the old house I laid sideways on a couch & typed & that’s my best position for the least body pain.

Anyway, I ate real clean today but had fun meals. I’ll get this journal/blog a lil less cluttered & get on my BLL PAGE AGAIN. I miss my old workouts buds over on Biggest Loser Leauge & look forward to the incredible support I got.

I’ve made new fitness buds on Twitter also but they don’t even know the Animal I can be & all that side of me lol

I hope if you’ve red this far you will take encouragement that you can decide at any moment, going thru anything & having chronic pain that it is truly possible & the best thing for you & those around you to get active again & care about yourself & what path your going down.

K So day 1 down, walked 2 miles w/Luke this a.m. & did 1 set of 12 reps of 15 diff exercises that go from head to toe making it a full body workout. Depending on how I am Sunday I will do a 2nd set, but I really am gonna be careful as I couldve done 3 sets today of each & be wiped. I know my bod. I know when to increase weights etc, but this dang chronic pain is a Pain lol but I’m determined to pace myself w/pushing a lil & adding weight & it’ll all work out in the end & Lord willin I’ll work my END off lol…I’ll get a pic up this wk hopefully. If I can figure how to get one on this blog. šŸ™‚

Love & blessings….Dawnie xo


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