Time to re-acquaint U w/my life here lol

Hello friends

Hey, it’s now May 2012… I’m still struggeling bad w/my fibromyalgia but I’m swimming every other day & trying to eat healthy(dang late night snacker still) but if it’s still in my calorie range i’m good. Getting back into life even if it hurts. Just checking in & saying Hi to everyone that might wonder where i am :))

We have 1 wedding(so far) in our fam this summer wOOt! My oldest Josh(who graduates june 18th from UofO) is marrying Cammy on July 14th & that’s way cool. She lived w/us this last year & just found a place & we moved her in yesterday! So today i actually feel like an empty nester lol It feels Gr8 lol

Middle son Benjamin graduated NNU in Idaho last wknd & I’m still recovering from that long drive & crazy fun wknd! Met his (Tara)girlfriends Mom, Robin & some of her family & Finally met Cammys parents(Julie & Tim) too while there.

k so now that i’ve updated a lil’ I wish u a peacefilled, joyful & blessed day. :)) (now if i can only remember my password to get here again.

Much Love & blessings……Dawn



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