61 days til I’m 50

Hey, just wanted to check in. Dave’s putting my workout rm(& his occasional office) together so I just have a sec & I’m typing standing up. UGH lol oh yah, computer is in exercise rm.

So today was great. Didn’t get my desired 2xday workout but I’m bein a lil careful. I’m REALLY sore from yesterday so I don’t wanna throw my back out or something. Heck, I’m just stinking sore, but a great sore, added to my fibro it’s a nice change HA

I got 1.5 mile walk in this morning & worked on a puzzle out in the sun. Nice day.

K Standing typing is killin me so I’m out.

Ate way clean & around 1270 cal (some cott cheese & going for another apple cuz normaley I’d be grabbing chips etc.)

Going in to watch BB11 now, so catcha Wed. Prqyin I sleep better tonight (gonna hit the hay as soon as I finish watching the show.

take care…blessings…Dawnie


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