Seriously, if you Are checking my blog out, I rarely write. Tons on my mind, just not a typest so it kinda hinders coming & writing Anything.

I do hope your Christmas time is blessed not harried(however that’s spelled HA)

I spend my computer time these days blipping tunage on blip.fm & blip a lota 60, 70 & early 80’s music. I’ve recently been hooked on a stupid mindless computer game = Bubble game. Never played C games so wish I’d never even tried it.. That’s my addictive personality.

Dave gave me an early present… A Wiiiiii & I’m trying to use it daily cept I always go overboard on beating my last hula hoop time/ammount & keep throwin’ my back out… Duh…

Ok that’s my update. Boys are all home from college so gotta use my computer time wisely! Ha, yah right

Be safe & love your neighbor as yourself..

xo Dawnie


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