Thurs already?

Wow Thurs.

Past the dreaded June 3rd tho,  yes….

I don’t know why I don’t come here more to put thoughts into words. I’m enjoying reading alota stuff on twitter & then the time has ticked away.

Not that i have much else to do.

OK I didn’t mention the dreaded June 3rd anywhere yesterday(1/2 afraid I’d get alota bank/lender spam followers lol) but yesterday June 9th Our house was officially foreclosed on. At least I guess it was, we didn’t get a sheriff @ the door or anything …YET.. Kinda freaky feeling but we are staying until the house we are gonna rent becomes available June 15th.

Here;s what happened in a nutshell

*4,5 & 6 yrs ago Realtor biz was thriving beyond my wildest dreams (but I wasn’t taking care of myself)

*3 yrs ago I put license on hold due to multiple illness’s. Gaining a ton of weight didn’t help)Had to take out a line of credit on our home to pay $50,000+ taxes I hadn’t put away from previous yrs wealth.

*Last Aug we finally had to regroup & couldn’t cont paying $3000 mortgage,= taking a lil outa line of credit(home equity) every month adds up

*Last 4 months GMAC kept putting off foreclosure saying we were in the group of peeps to restructure mortgages from Pres O’s newly signed programs. We’re like, hmm, ok, We’ll see.

*A few wks ago after making a huge payment to the bank, they said, NAH, not gonna happen, Sorry! So, we said Fine, it’s just a house, suck it up, yes it’s embarrassing, sad, yes we are leaving an obligation & renting (1rst time in 20 yrs). OK

And so that’s it in a nutshell

Great news is I am on the rd to recovery. Still struggle w/alota health issues but I’ve lost 50 lbs, give or take a few cuz my scales gone, but getting new one soon lolOK, phew, got that off my chest.

Dave’s appraisal biz is thriving & a $1325 payment is soooo doable for us. I HAVE to be excited for our future.  Just feel a bit guilty for helping get us in a bad spot but at least we don’t have credit card debt on top of that. I REALLY love to shop though & look forward to being able to do that, some, again HA

Off to post this so I can read more twitter

xo Dawnie


One thought on “Thurs already?

  1. Sorry to hear about your foreclosure issue, I understand where you are coming from there. My brother & my uncle were both foreclosed on in the last year or so. And I wasn’t that far off (I was lucky enough to be able to renegotiate my mortgage and avoid it).

    But you have a very positive attitude about it all, so I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Sounds like you are on the right path with your 50 lb loss, good job.

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