I’m back in the saddle again

Funny I think I say that every day.Today I actually found the old Aerosmith song on blipfm(visit me there) & well, it lit a fire.

Some of us need DO need to say that daily. Reminding ourselves it’s a new day, the slate’s wiped clean.

I can make this day & my life into what ever I choose today.

Today I want to leave my thumbprint on someones life, Not just my own.

Tonight’s baccalaureate & I think we downplay the impact our words might have on a Sr just leaving highschool.

So, I will think on that this afternoon, as in who & what I should say to…

I really like twitter this week. I’m coming out of my shell here & there & enjoying responding to new followers & older ones I’ve never talked with.

I was found this morning by an old on-line friend from the Biggest loser League so I went back to check in there. I do miss the encouragement & friends i HAD there so I’ll plug back in.

Ok I’m outa here for now. Just needed to update the old blog as I’m pretty bad about spending even 5 min writing.

I love life today & am DETERMINED to get my Bum OFF the couch here & get some exercise in. I love the endorphins & I love the accomplished feeling I have afterwards.

i MUST remember that although I’m down from 261 lbs to somewhere hovering over 200-208(threw my broken scale across garage last week HA) that I have a long ways to go, yet not far… And that @ 5’9.5 I’m gonna be happy w/anything under 190 so it’s not sooo far off that I can’t picture my hotty self. right? Right… rambling..tom & headachy but gonna thrive anyway



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