inconsistant, but a new slate everyday!

You know,
I know this is & has been, a lifestyle change & I’m living it for the most part. But Still, I don’t understand how I can lose my vision for days & sometimes a lil’ longer, only to jump back in, feet first, full throttle! lol Guess that’s just me(& a good trait, but I weary of not having that constant).
I try & eat 5-6 times throughout the day, Drink about 4 Qts of water and get exercise in.
Then all of a sudden I’ve given into the fact that I’m constantly tired & I have not 1 desire to put that dvd in or go outside & walk, even tho the sun is out & it’s beautiful!

I have learned to eat a lil less maybe on days I’m sluggish & that’s still prolly around 1200 calories, But I usually have calories up around 1400 give or take a few.

It’s the things that block my focus, the triggers that slow me down that make me curious. 1. Computer 2. Tv = addictive..

I know all the tricks, the hoops, exercises to do(cardio, yoga & strength training etc) the excellent eating via beautiful yummy clean food/meals… It’s the drive, the passion, the direction I so easily veer away from.
Now I know a lot of us may struggle with this, but I think it’s pretty important to daily keep trying to do better, forgive yesterdays actions(or non-actions) to start fresh w/a clean slate. Giving yourself room to have ‘hiccups'(hate the word
We are not perfect, tho some people think they’re…

This flows into all areas of our lives. For some it’s discipline in their eating habits, others it’s exercise or work, housecleaning etc…
I tackle this hour by hour, day to day. Knowing I will eventually succeed. I may not get to my goal as quick as I could, but know this..I will defo be getting there.
A bit off topic..
Weigh-in looms tomorri..i defo have not had my full focus on it this last week so we shall see. Either way I am determined to keep growing as a person, as a woman who is re-connecting in life (as lonely as twitter can be, it is also an exciting place to learn & I am defo not about #’s lol)
I’m gonna try to write my thoughts more. I have sooo many that it’s overwhelming & I write nothing.
So maybe if I’m more consistant in the small things I will get better’ quicker @ tackling the bigger ones.
I’d Love to be on top of my game again.. I mean “I am on top of my game again” lol How’s that for positive?
Sure glad I have a husband & boys that love me so & are patient & kind with my inconsistancies.


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