Tues Challenge

BL Bob Harper
Today’s Challenge is to write down 5 goals that you want to achieve. What are your wanting to change? Fix? What are your lifestyle changes that you want. I believe that when you write down your goals, it makes it more real and tangible. You can have ANYTHING that you want. Let’s make your goals happen, starting TODAY!!!

Mondays Challenge was:
Bob Harper Monday’s Challenge…50 Mountain Climbers, 50 Push Ups, 50 second Plank, 50 Superman’s (lay on your belly, arms & legs lift and lower). Beginners 5 sets Advanced 8 sets. Have a great day and STAY MOTIVATED!!

Bob Harper LOL!!! Maybe Beginners do 2-3 sets of the Challenge and Advanced do 4-5 sets. I think I got a little TOO ambitious…xoxo


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