It’s Sat. yes!

As I write this a.m. I’m chowin’ on 3/4 C eggbeaters & a side of lightly micro-steamed asparagus then fried(on a sprayed pan) w/some shallot & leftover red potato(about 2 oz=50cal) from my lunch ‘out’ yesterday w/ my old bud Brenda.( (Why the heck don’t I do that more? $$ maybe, but just fiddle fart, waste too much time & don’t plan. Plus I havnt wanted to be seen in public for a long time. Now that I’m losing weight tho I’m getting my confiidance back, so that’s way cool)),

Anyway, back to Breakie; I also had a Thomas light englsh mffn w/ prolly 1 T of fat free cream cheese & a spot of honey! Yummy & the whole thing was maybe like 250-270 calories & I’m pleasantly full. YES!

My hubby Dave & I are going to the matinee of Star Trek @ 11:30..Finally.. so excited

I ate great all week but my body was sooo tired so I didnt get my exercise in & I’m not happy about that. I still managed to lose a few lbs {{down to 205 now}} but I know & really love getting some exercise in & resistance so I’ll be back to the good daily grind again. Weekends I just try & be active. Someday I wanna play tennis again.

Well, I’m going back to tweetdeck & musing over interesting, boring, funny, encouraging, more boring lol comments. I am very addicted you, take care,



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