Delete or not delete…

So, because someone on facebook called me out as a bigmouth I deleted my blog about the ‘jillian & sione’ call out that I’d spent quite a while working on(I shoula taken the hint when my computer tweeked & I lost a majority..NTS=Watch for signs…LOL).

(PS no ill will towards the facebook poster, I’m ok with it & am prolly thankful I got called for ‘entering into the drama’ kk? )

Guess I’m a wimp, (no, I have a pure heart I’d like to think and was only passing the drama, but that’s prolly not a good idea, hence..Delete) but I don’t like controversy in the way of my putting remarks that are written here, from already written stuff  ‘out there on the internet’  for someoneelsewhere to see them who doesnt go to facebook. (I dunno if that makes sence HA)

Alas, It’s gotten ugly by a bunch of his followers remarks, cutting both of them down, SO, I refuse to flan that flame & hence took my endless time of searching & making the original blog in the 1rst place.

Back to my life lol My goodness, bad adrenalin flows quickly thru your veins when someone finds your words offensive ie..bigmouth.

lol I kindof was I guess. It’s the inquiring mind in me.

Ok I’m gonna shake that crappy feeling off, take my son to school & have a great morning again



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