Biggest Loser finale..hmmm

I wanna start by saying I am proud of everyone for their efforts & incredible losses.

I was pretty suprised that Tara was not a beanpole like Helen. I thought Helen looked sooo skinny but when I thought about it it’s prolly a good weight for her size, so whatever. I just want her to find the happiness within herself now. Digging into what really makes her tick & where is her joy. It’s still a journey for her that’s for sure. It’s only just begun(carpenters song runs thru my head

I liked this From twitter’r @wil_k  I quote: Liked this from the Biggest Loser:

 ‘Discovered the problem wasn’t what she was eating, but what was eating her.’ That’s so very true”.

 @petethomas has a good blog on last night as he was there for the last several days & it was great he, Julie, Bernie & Michelle opened the show(OMGosh I loved her dress. Helens daughters dress? not so much)lol

A few fun links to diff Biggest loser stuff out on the web today:

WARNING…you better have some time lol…

Tara & Mike both looked Fantastic. I was sooo glad they didn’t go extreme skinny look.


I wanted Kristin, then Carla, then Mandy…well I really wanted Daniel from the beginning but he had so much to lose and soo long on his own. I was proud he’d lost as much as he had. What a cutie…

Mikey too, what a lil’ cutie. Big grin thru it all..sweet

There’s always a few that we say “wow, I thought they’d lose more, but I’m not gonna go there.

I felt bad for the 2 gals vying for season 8 entry. For crying out loud they looked exeactly the same!  (that’ll prolly begin next week taping) OMGosh have you read the article with Jillian as she talks about big possibility she won’t con’t unless her demands are met?

prolly not about money either.

Anyway I need to start dinner, just wanted to mention the show. I totally forgot and got online last night earlier and saw results blasted everywhere so that was a drag!

What the stinkin heck is up with it being live on the west coast here(I’m in Oregon) and we couldnt vote? ticks me off when they do that.

gotta get..xo


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