Avoiding the Disaster zones

“Warning Will Robinson!” =google Lost in space if I’ve lost you already..=]..

Do whatever you can to steer clear of anything that might throw you off course and hamper your success.

That was a perfect word from Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michael’s this a.m.
I’m thinking about how tough it is (3 days & counting they’re back) when the boys are home from college & I start buying them all the yummy snacks they love, that will be, once again, sitting in the cupboard/fridge, whispering in that all too subtle hissing way “coooome to meeee, I’m just waaaaiting to be eeeeaten by UUUUUU”.
I know I need to say something like, “Whoa, get ye behind me satan” HA, But all toooo often I don’t even give it a second thought & all of a sudden I realize I’ve eaten tons, right outa the bag/box & I’m in a ‘carb comma!
(ok, more often than not, I am better now at portioning it out & not eating out of the container, but often not)

Oh yes, I’m sure you have felt that too right? Even now you may be letting your mind wander to ‘that place’ to what youve been avoiding that’s in your cupboard too? Well, STOP right there.
I/we are in control of our lives, or @ least we are suppose to be.
I love in Bob Harper’s ‘Are you ready’ book he say’s he’s “I was giving my body what my mind wanted, not what my body wanted”.

I love that!

So, It’s often the ‘routines’ we’ve set up that make us continually fall into the same rut, over & over right? Ok then, start driving a diff route? Don’t go past the burger, donut, store (WhatEVER) that causes your mind to give into stupid/unhealthy desires!!!

Seriously? If I just forgo sitting in the living rm in front of the tv from, oh, let’s say 11am-4pm, Im money baby.

Why? Because for years I watched either soaps, movies or some shows during the afternoon & munched, munched munched.

So I’m avoiding the LR for 22 days. They say 21 days to help make a habit start sticking? Well I love the #22 so that’s it lol

I am in control of what I eat, how I spend my time, whether physically doing or just my thought life.

I have come a Long ways & yes, I’ll still stumble here & there, heck, I LOVE food. I love to cook food, buy food, see food. But healthier food IS an option people & I/we have embraced it.
Modification NOT starvation! You don’t have to do w/out your faves. Learn to substitute. 
(@Petethomas comes to mind every time I talk about this, check him out. He wants to help everybody lose weight & start exercising). rabbit trail, sorry. =O]

i will talk more later, just wanted to express that so I can read it again in a few days when the boys are home & I’m trying my darnedest to stay Strong * Focused <grin>

Happy Friday & here’s to being in control of what we listen to in that funny mind of ours,

Now get out there & change your world kk? Oh & best to do it with a smile. You’ll feel better & you may brighten/bless someone else’s day.



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