Twitter’s pretty cool I must say!

Why too lil time? Too many cool new horizons opening up to me. Since joining twitter recently(what’s up w/it saying Ive been there since feb?) Maybe I signed up, then didnt do anything. well 2 weeks into it and I am exploding with things I love reading about and there are just not enough hrs in my day to read it all.

I’ve always wanted to do photography, have a great eye, just never kept at it long, plus piddley lil camera’s. Someday!

Sports, crafters, weight loss, exercise, cooking, design, breaking news, link posters, the list goes on & on. OMGosh just amazing creative people.

Ok some are just selling something or have a biz they are putting out there but you never know when someone/something is gonna be needed by you or someone you know and I’d be like..Hey, I have a follower on twitter that knows about that..LOL.. KWIM?

I love all the helps links that cover everything I couldnt even imagine about twittering/tweeting etc. I love it.

Sooo many cool/weird/inspirational/smart/goofy/loving/interesting,  diff kindof people.

I’m probably pretty boring to most, but I’m me. lol The Great thing is; that I am even stil,l re-discovering who me is again so that’s pretty cool too. I think it’s always important to stay teachable in areas of your life/personality. Because every new encounter adds something to your life, good or bad I learn from it and take what I must to grow into a better person.

I’ve been closed off for some yrs now & feel like a butterfly slowly coming outof her coccoon again.

Anyway just wanted to write how thankful I am for this new fascination of twitterland.

Dawnie22 (I wanted to keep my nickname & love the #22) Simple


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