I’m now the Un-Official Twitterdance leader HA

Ok as I’m thinkin’ I need to desparately be Not twittering for a bit I went to u-tube, pulled up Bruce Springsteens video: – Born To Run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rGFfO5fUvE & proceeded to get my Bum off the couch for 5 minutes of  jumpin’ around, kickin’ my feet up, walkin to the beat back & forth & just arms waving in the air kinda dancing.

Then I thought of how when The Music comes on the Ellen show, Ellen & all the fans start rocking out and they get 3-5 min of the best kinda fun: dancin’ baby.

Then I envisioned thousands of people on twitter, All taking a lil break when I send the music break out, to DANCE!!!

Wouldnt it just be hilarious if it took off & peeps actualy did it when I called it out?

Hey funnier/strange things have happened right? HA

I’m crying Im laughing so hard at the movie in my mind LOL

Are you with me?

Its fun to have any kindof vision, even a goofy one. So now I need to decide if it should be just random times of the day or a few ‘expected’ timeslots so you are ready and waiting for a dance break.

If someone’s in a cubicle in an office, or driving where you can’t actualy dance, then you ‘Chair Dance’ baby! That’s just getting a fun upperbody wrkout. HA…FUNNY,

ok gonna blog about Biggest loser last night.

happy twitterdancin’ my friends, or is that twancing, twittancing? Naw, I like the whole word.




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