Home sweet home

Oh what a crazy 4 days its been…
The track meet was cancelled (swine flu outbreak @ western U in salem Or) but several colleges, NNU included got into a meet happening at Pacific University.
So I got to see my oldest son Josh thro javelin and tho he didnt beat his PR(personal record) it was awesome to watch him. Plus got to see some great other athletes from NNU compete!
The rain kept comin down in spurts, hard and light, then a few brief sunny moments.

We met both our boys’ girlfriends. OMGosh, couldnt be happier. They are so nice and really I didnt expect not to like them cuz I know my boys. They dont just settle for an average relationship. They are great boys and Im a proud mom as to how they have matured and are dealing with the stuff life throws at them.

It’s always a struggle on even a mini getaway to make good food choices, let alone having any choices.
Shees, Fri I went like 8 hrs w/out a meal as we were around the boys, mtg their friends, taking them shopping etc & they had eatin a huge team meal @ olive garden just minutes b4 we arrived & didnt wanna mention food..HA..
As started coming close to ‘faint’ stage of not eating, we quickly made our way down restraunt isle..lol..At this point I didnt care just didnt want mcdonalds type food or a long wait.
We ended up at baha fresh and I had a chkn fajitas w/corn tortillas, black beans & guac. no sour cream or additional cheese.
Pretty good & I only had 3 of the 5 tortillas..LOL..Couldve stopped at one actually but knew I needed the calories as I had low cal breakie and lunch..
ok, well I should end there, just glad to be home now. WE ARE JUST TOTALLY VEGGIN TODAY.
No church, no housework, just surfin the internet all day & reading.
Sure love gettin back into a routine tho..
xo me


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