Adventures=new and old

GM people.

I just found a guy on twitter that talks about adventures(havnt explored it too much but like his title so I’ll follow for a bit, hopefully he’ll keep posting adventurous

It made me think about my adventure(s).

Ive had alot of diff kinds of adventures in life. Now Im on a quest to be fit and encourage anyone who needs motivational pushes etc But it also makes me think of most recently(3 1/2 yrs ago) going to help several times w/Katrina clean up.

That was the best, yet hardest thing Ive done in my life. I loved helping, giving a shoulder/ear to people who just wanted to talk w/someone & share what they’d gone thru.

I helped take roofs off, put roofs back on, completely gutted the insides of a church & several homes, including throwing out all apliances, ripping out drywall & even all the things from their fridge that’d been there for 2 wks – a month. I mean you name it we threw it out!

A smell you dont soon forget, but mostly faces I will never forget.

I worked also @ a distribution center set up in a church that gave food and all imaginable needs to thousands of cars filled w/hurting families from all over.

This D center was based out of  BayeouLabatrey(mspld) Alabama, which is/was from the shrimp boat scene from ‘Forest gump’ movie w/Tom Hanks.

Then pres clinton was to stop in on his visit thru the devastated area but church leaders asked him not to, as it would totaly disrupt taking care of the peeps needs at hand for a phota op? I thought this was a good call, yet I was excited to meet him, but No biggy really.

I did have a fun chat with that cute kid that starred in the notebook. All the young girls were, kind of a fun distraction from the horrific scene b4 us.

So all that to say I was truely blessed to have been there to help, as miniscule as it was, an overweight chick from Medford Oregon just wanted to help out her fellow countrymen & women.

I met peeps from all over America that just came because there was a great need. There was no gov help to say the least.

We need to help each other more, you know? well, I know.

Thing is, after my 2nd visit, 3 weeks later, I got suddenly really ill. Maybe cuz I didnt wear a mask most of the time we were gutting places and prolly got mold spores or something, but I continued getting sick for quite a long time afterwards with this and that. Immune system was totaly messed up & I still deal with it.

But you know what?

 It was worth everything I’ve gone thru since(poor health, depression, even more weight gain), being there, seeing those faces, hearing their stories, driving past poor and rich demolished houses. Miles and miles and miles of devastated homes and lives in Alabama, mississippi, & Louisiana. And piles? Piles & piles of everything and anything. I dreamed of piles for a VERY long time since.

I kept a face mask, a few newspapers & a kids rusted train piece, that the owner watching us gut their shack/home, said to please keep to remember them by. And unbeknownst to us, this lil’ community actualy put what lil money they had that day together and went quite a distance to buy us pizza for blessing them. Is that cool or what. My gosh, they have no home, nothing & they’re buying us pizza…priceless memories..

helping hands across america.

I know there’s so much need outside the usa but there’s as much in diff ways we overlook right in our own backyard.

Im writing this because it wasa more than an adventure but I LOVED, absolutely loved helping my fellow man and getting back into better shape and better health is going to help me re-focus on important things besides me, myself & I kinda living and stepping out of my comfort zones. K, better post this and get outs my jammies. Im gonna drink some more water and put my BL bootcamp in the player so I hear the music beckoning me to “come get stronger Dawnie”

smilin’ big…LOL..Later…


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