A new day

Ahh Everyone’s left for work or school & it’s just me & the animals.

So I’m finding I am really fascinated by all the stuff I’m finding/learning about on twitter. I can’t believe I havnt heard more on the news about the @freeroxana movement. The journalist just sentenced to 8 yrs for spying on Iran & it’s not a big story???

OMGosh, I need to learn more about it, but think twitterverse should be talking it up more too. dont you?

I think I remember hearing something about it on the news a while back but then, poof, it’s not talked about & we forget.

Ok, then there’s Kristially, new on twitter(thanks to O), wants to lose weight & has just found twitter & is mobbed by supportive (& not, I’m sure) fans, but cant get her computer to work right. Its crackin me up, but I also cant follow someone who continually drops the F-bomb alot, cuz it just bugs me. I’ll overlook cussing when its not in a majority of posts, but come on. So we shall see. We can be on a bit better behavior/manners whatever, in a public forum right?..LOL..

OK, Today Im back on track(traveling wknd) w/exercise and eating great.

A few weeks ago Id pushed up my weight to 214lbs again. (started April 08 @ 261lbs) Crap, cant have that, so Im down to 209 & gonna stay spot on with getting great eating and exercise combo daily.

Really it just takes the 2 together to do it people (talking to self mostly)

I am following Biggest Loser trainer, Bob harper on facebook & he gives daily & wknd challenges and that’s fun. Plus all the team/fan talk is motivating!

Yes I absolutely Love Biggest loser, but mostly because I am a reality tv freak. Yes, totally addicted to most good, fun reality where peeps are interacting, but love when there’s a prize at the end for incentive.

Man, the things we’ll do/say for money!

My other fave shows are….you know what, I’ll do a blog just for that…LOL…

Back to BL.

I’ve watched from the 1rst show that was on and now I also wrkout to their dvds cuz I know these contestants and I can relate to them. Some peeps are from past season winners and others are 1/2 way in shape and filmed before they are at goal weight. I really like that, cuz they really are pushing hard!

Plus they arnt all skinny mini’s flying around the room that I cant keep up with…LOL…

I occasionally re-try turbo jam etc but they are sooo fast & fit that I am bound to tweak something quikly..LOL

My new Fave dvd is defo BL Bootcamp.

OMGosh what a great workout. I know that even someone really fit or just starting can gear it up or down to get a quality calorie burn or muscle building wrkout.

I also like the BL weight loss yoga. Its what some call Power Yoga, cuz its not about all the poses etc(I mean yes, of course there’s poses but its not all about that). Its geared more towards Strength which I love

Well, just made myself an egg burrito, so I’d best eat it right?

1/2 c eggbtrs

some spinach mixed in

2 tsp salsa

1 la tortilla factory tortilla (thse have a honkin 12 grams of fiber & only 80 cal. love it

total cal 150 oh plus an orange which is 80-100 cal so, good breakie plus AWESOME fresh ground beans coffee…LOL..My fave thankyou very much..



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