Last night was CARAAAAZY!

OMGosh. so its like 9:40 pm thurs April 30th and my oldest son Joshi calls me from the NNU bus (they were travelin from Nampa,Idaho to Salem Or to go to the GNAC fri & sat) & says “mom, the conf is getting cancelled, kids are sick from the #swine flu.”
Well, they c/b 20 min later to confirm it’s not happenin. OMGosh, I havnt seen my oldest son since Jan 1 & was going to be the first time we were getting to watch him throw Javelin in his college carreer. Alas, even if this doesnt get rescheduled for another college field, he’s now throwin Jav in the Twighlight meet At Uof O next weekend. But he has Nationals just 2 wks afer that in Texas! Or maybe not, we’ll see what unfolds

We were headed up to Salem Or late yesterday but didnt like Dave(hubby) drivin tired so we put it off for this morning. Sure glad now.
They are trying to find a new college and 1 twrepoter in Wa says it may be in Western Wa.. eeek, that’s a bit far for us to drive, but we will see in a

The funny part was I had called our hotel to get the skinny on cancelation times(they waived it due to the nature of cancel) and he told me they’d just been informed by news in Salem that the WOU president cancelled everything, including removing everyone from a basketball game..
Well, I said thanks for the info & jumped back on & tweeted that news. Within 5 min there were news feeds reporting my qoute…too funny.I was amazed how quick it was traveling and soon, students from WOU were tweeting they were ticked and some scared…On facebook, a gal said one of her girlfriends on her floor was pretty sure she had it & was asking if people were dying from it.
Well you can imagine I jumped right in and comforted the girl that no ones dying in the USA…
Well, not yet Im thinkin to self.

Dave’s in the background sayin “honey, it’s just the flu” & really I’m trying to think that BUT my mind also wonders what may become of this.
Isn’t it like a weird movie that this virus is spreading around and there’s no cure (Ive never been cured from the and the head mucky mucks no more than their telling…LOL..Well, is that a movie in my imagination or is craziness enveloping the world? Now I’m suppose to call it #H1N1 right?
Oh & I did have a lil bacon in w/my spinch
I prolly eat ‘pork’ once in a blue moon, cept for precooked bacon. It’s thin and small pieces and only like 17 cal a slice? hello I love the flavor of bacon, Im usin it…But thats another blog sorry.
Ok, I was sooo focused on every breaking news twitterin’ around that I shouldve posted this last night.
Im looking forward to today and all it holds for me..
I have to get some fresh coffee..OMGosh I love fresh ground coffee…
ta ta


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