Try try again

 GM world(goodmorning)

Ok well, lets see if Im putting this in the right spot or not. I wish sites had the visual tutorials that walked you thru where to post, how to add video etc..LOL..

Worldpress prolly does but I havnt taken the time to Really really search it out. Ive just put off beginning to blog again because there’s so much stinkin stuff that floats around in my mind and I get overwhelmed and dont write anything…LOL..

Enough of that already, k, so Im gonna experiment and just paste my biggest loser league blog for now kk?..:

I was txtng with a gal this am and encouraging her to push past a bad decision(stupid donuts) she’d made under stress & It was a lil light bulb moment.

You know we just have to have more Victories in a day over defeats, pretty soon they wont be defeats, just lil bumps or

In Bobs are you ready book, he’s talking about relating to eating outa stress and said We give our mind what it wants not what the body wanted…

That’s sooo true, It’s gonna be something we’ll daily deal with…Decisions..

But having more Victories written down over defeats its truely the daily goal.

Every day has its new beginnings, along with obsticles. New opportunities for us to Respond or React to. Will I choose wisely or will I give into my minds pressure to push away from facing the situation/feeling headon or comforting self with food or some other retreat from the reality of the situation..


All spankin new twists & turns every day & night.

Speaking of night…Last night I had victory! I choose 1/2 C ff cot cheese and dipped a cutup carrot in it as I was watching Lost, rather late at night I might add. When everyones in the other room or in bed I have free reign and I chose wisely..YAY ME..


k, so b4 I go on Id best post Bobs FB challenge today.

yes its physical..YAY..

Bob Harper Today your Challenge is that you have to do WHATEVER it takes to burn 300 to 500 calories. There are 3500 calories in a pound. Imagine if you burned 500 calories a day for 7 days…that’s one pound. So run, walk, bike, spin, kickbox or anything else but burn those calories…xoxo

Let’s give it a whirl shall we?



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